Thermoformed Acrylic or Polycarbonate
Replacement Lens
4 ft. and 8 ft. lengths 
Standard or Oversize
Call or fax us with your measurements
Easy to order
Vaportite Lenses are thermoformed OEM replacement parts that are available for standard and oversized all " Vaportite " or " Vapor proof " enclosures.

If your not sure what size enclosure you may have, please call or fax us with your measurements and our expert customer service team will be happy to help. In some cases OEM replacement aren't available due to a large number of fixtures and fixture manufacturers on the market. If in this case there are no replacement OEM's available, a custom replacement lens would be made.

It's simple to order! First select your pattern.

Next measure the inside lip of the enclosure.

If lens is still available, measure the outside lip (the part of the lens that fits onto the fixture.)

Lens Pattern Selection:
Clear Prismatic
(acrylic material)
Clear Frost Glaze
(acrylic material)
Clear Prismatic
(unbreakable polycarb)
Formed with .125 thickness material.


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