Terms And Conditions
Terms of Payment: Visa, Mastercard, cash, or check.
Returned Goods: Merchandise is not returnable without prior written authorization and instructions issued by Albright Lighting Plastics. Notice of defective material and shortages must be made in writing within 10 days of receipt of material. Failure to give such written notice waives buyer's claim of defective and/or shortage of material.
Fabrication Capabilities: Albright Lighting Plastics is equipped with complete fabrication capabilities to meet your immediate requirements. We can cut  any of our products to your exact needs or modify our entire product line for use with almost any new or current fixture.
Minimum Orders: This may apply to certain products only. 
Samples: Samples that have been delivered to Albright for Quotation, that have not been ordered with 30 days after date recieved, will be distroyed.
Cutting and Re-cutting: Standard cutting tolerance is +- 1/16 for both length and width including out of square. Standard notching tolerance is +- 1/16. 
Special Requirements: Albright Lighting Plastics can help you fill those unique or unusual lighting requirements. Whether you need is for odd shapes, sizes, cuts, or designs, we will gladly field and fulfill your requirements. 
Availability: Most items on this web site are available for immediate sale and shipment. Custom orders or other non-standard items may require special manufacturing and availability may vary. Our customer service staff will provide specific availability information.
On-site Thermoforming: We offer a complete line of custom fabricated lenses and diffusers and our fabrication expertise will allow you to replace  broken or yellowed diffusers without incurring the expense or hassle of replacing of the fixtures. Simply provide us a sample diffuser or an accurate tracing of the shape along with the quantity desired. Albright Lighting Plastics is ready to assist you with all of your replacement lighting needs.


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