Square-Style Drop Diffusers
High Impact material.
Won't go yellow.
Reinforced corners
Reassembled Snap-On clips
Lift and Shift easy Installation.
A contemporary diffusing media for surface mounted applications. This new concept envelopes fixture body in clean architectural sweep with accent on simplicity of design. Square Style Diffusers are produced from a high impact white acrylic formulation. It's fine pattern surface provides uniformity of light diffusion with up-light component. The unique profile of this luminaire opens new approaches in hinging techniques with esthetics in mind.
1. Measure the overall body length and width .
2. Measure the depth.
3. Measure opening length and width.

Square-Style Drop Diffusers are made with premium White acrylic.
Our standard material thickness is .125 .

Overall body size:
( length ) 47 3/4" x ( width ) 23 3/4"
Depth of drop: 4"
Overall opening size:
( length ) 45" x ( width ) 21"
The opening size is all ways smaller then the body size.


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