Snap-Type Drop Diffusers
Made with premium acrylic material.
Won't go yellow.
Safe and easy to maintain.
Widespread light distribution. 
Polycarbonate reinforced slotted holes. 
Available in 2x2, 1x4, 2x4, and 4x4 sizes.
Snap-Type Drops are made with only preminum White Frost Glaze acrylic material. Rated as one of the most durable and U.V. stable materials in the industry. Designed with Polycarbonate reinforced double thickness slotted holes and double thickness corners. This design assures widespread light distribution free of glare. Provides safe and easy maintenance. 

Banks, households, kicthens, etc.

Ordering Information:
1. Measure the overall length and width.
2. Measure the depth of drop.
3. The Next step is to measure the exact distance from the end of the diffusers length to the center line of the holes. Repeat this step on all four holes top see consistancy.
4. Now measure the hole spacing between each of the two holes center line.
Overall length and width:
( length ) 47 3/4" x ( width ) 23 3/4"
Depth of drop: 4"
Hole spacing: Measurement from end of diffuser to center line of hole. 3 1/2"
Measurement from hole center line to hole center line. 32"


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